Dear Clients and Friends - Regretfully, I have made the very difficult decision to put my holistic counselling practice on hold from January 1 2023.It has been such a pleasure and a privilege to work with you and to witness your courageous journeys of self-discovery and transformation each week. I will of course keep you posted if or when I decide to resume my practice in the future. In the meantime take good care & Warm Wishes X Marissa

Holistic counselling in Brisbane

Your journey starts here - My holistic approach to counselling, life coaching and therapy honours you as a whole person - mind, body and spirit - to help you reconnect to your authenticity and purpose, to integrate and heal wounded or sabotaging aspects of yourself and to thrive as the vibrant, alive and unique human being that you are. All it takes is one brave step. Find out more about holistic counselling in Brisbane and how I can help you on your growth, wellbeing and healing journey...

Marissa Cooke Holistic Counselling Brisbane

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    Do you need support in any of these areas?

    Would you like to understand yourself better? To live with more authenticity and purpose? Perhaps you feel stuck or numb and long to move forward and re-engage in life? No matter what your goals or challenges, big or small, they are all important and I am here to support you on your journey.

    Explore your values, passions & gifts and connect with an authentic purpose that springs from the unique essence of who you are. The world is longing for you to share yourself with her!

    Identify underlying causes that may be contributing to depression, anxiety or apathy. Discover your strengths & integrate wellbeing practices as you begin to move towards your bliss.

    Who am I really? We all wear different masks in life - mother, son, careerist, lover, hero - so much so that we can forget who we really are. Who is the self behind it all and what is it asking of me?

    Identify & explore core beliefs, blocks or wounds that prevent you from accessing the fullness of yourself, life & all its possibilities. Are there parts of you that are longing to be re-loved?

    Support for a range of personal and life challenges.

    Anxiety & stress

    Depression & apathy

    Shame & guilt

    Trauma, grief and loss

    Self-esteem and personal growth

    Relationships and interpersonal connection

    Identity, archetype & life purpose work

    Career and workplace issues

    Life transitions (divorce, mid-life, career change)

    Health and wellness issues

    Sexuality and gender identity

    Limiting beliefs & self-sabotaging behaviours


    I've had some of the most profound realisations and shifts in my sessions with Marissa. I'm incredibly grateful for her support, guidance and love which has helped me move through some of the most challenging moments in my relationships. When I originally came to see Marissa it was for my anxiety and helplessness that I was experiencing in my daily life, which very quickly resolved within a few sessions. This led me into a deeper inquiry of my personal relationships, and in there I found so much gold with Marissa! I've learnt to trust myself and my body's innate wisdom so much more since working with her. I've discovered how rich, deep and vast my inner landscape is and how pure, loving and innocent my heart is, which has become a real strength and super power for me. It feels incredibly empowering to know I have so much resource and wisdom within me, that Marissa helped me to discover and tap into. Thank you Marissa for holding me in such a safe, supporting and loving space each and every week which allowed me to unfold to my truth in the most beautiful way. Thank you so deeply.

    Eva Murray


    I have been seeing Marissa in her capacity as a holistic counsellor for weekly sessions for 12 months. After I discovered my husband of 50 years had been lying to me, cheating on me and living a double life, I was utterly devastated and suicidal. My doctor sent me to a clinical psychologist and I met with her many times. The day this psychologist said I 'should be over it', I didn’t see her again. That’s when I found Marissa - I wanted and needed more than just talk. Marissa champions me. She is an absolute delight and I love being in her company. She always makes me a cup of herbal tea when I meet her in her comfortable and inviting consulting room. Marissa is gentle, compassionate and reassuring and helped me move through the grief at my own pace with great suggestions and support to reclaim my life as my own and to fill me with Hope for the future. I learned simple and effective techniques to stop the destructive ruminating thoughts. We did many visualisations and depth processes which for me were very powerful and to this day I recall them when I have a sad moment which I am happy to say are few and far between now. Marissa helped me to live my life every day with positive and empowering messages to myself which I now carry with me. Marissa encouraged me to draw and write about my feelings. She encouraged me to dream and be bold about my life. I had always wanted to go caravanning and so I went out and bought a 4 ton motorhome and have been living on the road for 3 months now. Yesterday I drove into the Northern Territory.  I have so much more belief in myself, I can see how strong, resilient and capable I really am. With Marissa‘s love, enthusiasm and encouragement, I am finding my way back to the person I used to be. I can access Marissa’s wonderful counselling service by making a phone appointment with her while I’m out on the road. She texts me to see how I’m going from time to time because she really cares about me. Marissa cares. The grief process was brutal for me. I accept now that the marriage breakup was inevitable and I am surviving and thriving as a result of the progress I have made with Marissa’s help, compassion, empathy, holistic techniques and support.



    Marissa has really helped me to discover more about who I am and to understand and honour my authenticity, needs and desires...and to enjoy the journey of unfolding, self-discovery and acceptance in itself rather than just seeing it as something "I have to do" in order to improve my mental health and wellbeing. I have gotten so much from my sessions with Marissa

    Peta Jane

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    Got a question or want more information? Get in touch to begin your journey, or if you're ready to take the leap, you can book an initial session with me for holistic counselling in Brisbane or via Zoom.


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    If you're ready to take a deep dive, you can pre-purchase a package of 8 sessions at a discounted rate or embark on a journey offering.


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    We'll meet face to face (or over Zoom) in my cosy Brisbane therapy room. You can share your story, at your own pace, in a safe, warm and welcoming space. Together we'll shape some goals for your journey and identify some priorities for exploration and therapeutic support.

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    Sessions & Packages

    Book an initial session with me or pre-purchase a package of 8 sessions at a discount.
    • Initial Session
    • $ 115
      75 mins
    • Includes voucher for a 15 min seated massage at Knead

      (Valued at $22.00)

      • Initial therapy session
      • Share your story at your own pace
      • Safe & empathetic environment
      • Shape goals for your journey
      • Begin pathway to reconnection
    • 8 x standard sessions
    • $ 712
      8 x 60 mins
    • Had an initial session? You can purchase 8 x 60min sessions at a discount. 

      • Face-to-face or Zoom
      • Talk-based
      • Mental health support
      • Life goals & change
      • Empowering insights
      • Discover new possibilities
    • 8 x Longer Sessions
    • $ 862
      8 x 75 mins
    • Had an initial session? You can purchase 8 x 75min sessions at a discount. 

      • Face-to-face or Zoom
      • Depth work, holistic + creative therapy
      • Tailored processes
      • Understand & shift patterns
      • Identify purpose & goals
      • Personal transformation & healing

    Journeys & other offerings...

    Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy
    6 Week Self-Discovery Journey
    Take a journey inwards to discover your authenticity, step in to your wholeness and begin to move towards your bliss in this deeply supported personal journey. Take the journey over 6-14 weeks.
    Dream Interpretation Gift
    Dream Gift Offering
    This unique dreamy gift will help your friend or loved one tap into the deep wisdom, guidance and magic of their dreaming world with a detailed, 8-10 page dream report, dreamers journal & night time tea.
    Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy
    Messenger & Email Support
    Many clients express the need for touching base between sessions so I also offer Messenger chat or email support in a 2 hour package so you can reach out for 10, 15 minute or longer sessions when you need them most.

    The privilege of a lifetime is to
    become who you truly are.


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    Operating on Turrbal Country

    We acknowledge the Turrbal people as the traditional custodians of the Brisbane region and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

    Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy
    This is a LGBTQIA+ friendly practice

    A safe and welcoming space for all humans to engage in their journey of discovery, transformation and healing.