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Do you sometimes feel as though you’re walking in someone else’s shoes, as though you’re operating on autopilot or ‘playing a role’ to please or fulfil others’ expectations of who you are or should be? Do you ever wonder “Who am I really?” We all wear different masks in life – mother, son, careerist, lover, hero, femme fatale, care taker – so much so that we can sometimes forget who we truly. Who is the self behind it all and what is it asking of me? Holistic counselling and coaching can help you to discover your most authentic self, tap into its deep wisdom and empower you to own your authenticity and share it with the world.   

Losing touch with self

When we lose touch with our authentic self, we can experience a sense of disorientation and alienation in the world. We can feel as though we are simply going through the motions and fulfilling the obligations of our roles, rather than living in connection and belonging with our deepest truth and purpose. We might even experience lethargy, depression or anxiety, or have the sense of being ‘ an imposter’ in our own lives. On the other hand we might feel an underlying sense of shame of ‘who we truly are’ and fear that if others really knew us, they might abandon or reject us. We might even have a sense of dread at the prospect that there is nothing there beyond the tasks we perform and the roles we fulfil, that when we stop ‘performing’, we might cease to exist, or feel dead inside.

The ‘one that knows’

The truth is we all have an authentic self – an ever-present source of wisdom, truth and energy that is both completely unique to us and universal at once. Our authentic self is our aware ego, the ‘One that knows’ – the wisest, most loving and accepting part of ourself that is just waiting for us to drop down into it’s depths, it’s fullness and support so we can fully receive it’s truth, our complete  ‘us-ness’, it’s wholeness, it authentic longings and guidance. Our authentic self is our greatest resource and our truest and most loyal friend and yet it can feel so foreign if we have spent so long operating outside of it’s purvey or if we’ve had few experiences of truly inhabiting it. We can split off from our authentic self for so many reasons – from trauma or disapproval of our truest self from our primary caregivers or from society more broadly to the more mundane processes of alienation that come with fulfilling the demands of work, financial survival and our familial duties and responsibilities to the detriment of the longings of our truest self. Perhaps we feel we have ‘to be’ a certain way to belong or to be loved and accepted by peers, partners…even ourselves.

Discovering and reconnecting with your authentic self

If any of this resonates for you, don’t despair, your authentic self is waiting for you – it’s the light on the porch guiding you home and holistic counselling can help you on your journey homewards. Through embodied processes, mindfulness, creative discovery and journey work you will begin to reconnect with your authenticity. Depending on your circumstances and life experiences, your journey might call on you to integrate abandoned or exiled parts of yourself, to begin to acknowledge and heal core wounds and release personal shame to allow for the full acceptance of and receptivity to your authentic self. This is the journey of life and living – and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.