It’s so lovely to meet you here. I’m a holistically trained, Australian Counselling Association registered counsellor and creative therapist based in Brisbane. I have a passion for guiding and mentoring other beautiful humans as they undertake the journey of self-discovery, growth, reconnection and healing. I’m so looking forward to supporting you to live into your bliss, achieve meaningful life goals and experience more joy, fulfilment, ease and wellbeing in your life.


Live into your bliss.

I believe we all have the capacity to experience more wellbeing and joy and to live into our most authentic and rewarding life. Therapy, counselling and life coaching are for every human being - no matter how small or how challenging your issues seem, the rewards of self-discovery, healing, growth and transformation are life changing. It just takes one brave step and a longing to reconnect, to heal and to feel truly alive. Ask me how I can help you achieve long-lasting change through my compassionate, holistic approach to counselling and coaching.


My approach

My holistic approach to counselling and therapy honours you as a whole person - mind, body and spirit - and works with wherever you are right now to help you to reconnect to your authenticity and Self, to integrate and heal wounded or disowned aspects of yourself and to ultimately flourish as the vibrant, alive and completely unique human being that you are. As your holistic therapist, I will draw on a range of therapeutic processes and holistic modalities tailored to your needs and preferences.

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I've had some of the most profound realisations and shifts in my sessions with Marissa. I'm incredibly grateful for her support, guidance and love which has helped me move through some of the most challenging moments in my relationships. When I originally came to see Marissa it was for my anxiety and helplessness that I was experiencing in my daily life, which very quickly resolved within a few sessions. This led me into a deeper inquiry of my personal relationships, and in there I found so much gold with Marissa! I've learnt to trust myself and my body's innate wisdom so much more since working with her. I've discovered how rich, deep and vast my inner landscape is and how pure, loving and innocent my heart is, which has become a real strength and super power for me. It feels incredibly empowering to know I have so much resource and wisdom within me, that Marissa helped me to discover and tap into. Thank you Marissa for holding me in such a safe, supporting and loving space each and every week which allowed me to unfold to my truth in the most beautiful way. Thank you so deeply.

Eva Murray


I have been seeing Marissa in her capacity as a holistic counsellor for weekly sessions for 12 months. After I discovered my husband of 50 years had been lying to me, cheating on me and living a double life, I was utterly devastated and suicidal. My doctor sent me to a clinical psychologist and I met with her many times. The day this psychologist said I 'should be over it', I didn’t see her again. That’s when I found Marissa - I wanted and needed more than just talk. Marissa champions me. She is an absolute delight and I love being in her company. She always makes me a cup of herbal tea when I meet her in her comfortable and inviting consulting room. Marissa is gentle, compassionate and reassuring and helped me move through the grief at my own pace with great suggestions and support to reclaim my life as my own and to fill me with Hope for the future. I learned simple and effective techniques to stop the destructive ruminating thoughts. We did many visualisations and depth processes which for me were very powerful and to this day I recall them when I have a sad moment which I am happy to say are few and far between now. Marissa helped me to live my life every day with positive and empowering messages to myself which I now carry with me. Marissa encouraged me to draw and write about my feelings. She encouraged me to dream and be bold about my life. I had always wanted to go caravanning and so I went out and bought a 4 ton motorhome and have been living on the road for 3 months now. Yesterday I drove into the Northern Territory.  I have so much more belief in myself, I can see how strong, resilient and capable I really am. With Marissa‘s love, enthusiasm and encouragement, I am finding my way back to the person I used to be. I can access Marissa’s wonderful counselling service by making a phone appointment with her while I’m out on the road. She texts me to see how I’m going from time to time because she really cares about me. Marissa cares. The grief process was brutal for me. I accept now that the marriage breakup was inevitable and I am surviving and thriving as a result of the progress I have made with Marissa’s help, compassion, empathy, holistic techniques and support.

Holistic wellbeing


In my holistic counselling and coaching practice I draw on a range of modalities and therapeutic processes to suit the needs and preferences of individual clients, including:

Talk therapy

Talk-based counselling and therapy from a holistic strengths and growth perspective aimed at helping you to work through personal difficulties or challenging life circumstances as well as identifying, understanding and working to shift unhelpful or limiting beliefs that may be contributing to personal suffering and psychological symptoms.

Somatic & Embodied Processes

Using somatic and embodied processes to help identify and integrate emotional responses, to help activate the parasympathetic response and to help shift habitual emotional reactivity or holding. Working with gentle body awareness and exploration processes as well as expressive movement and vocalisation practices can be an incredibly powerful tools for self-discovery, emotional release and integration.

Mindfulness, Guided Visualisation & Active Imagination

I draw on mindfulness, guided visualisation and active imagination processes as  tools of self-discovery, self-resourcing and healing. These processes are used safely and gently to help you to access wisdom and insights from your subconscious, shadow material that is longing to be acknowledged & integrated as well as to recover and integrate spiritual and personal resources that you can draw on in your journey forwards. These processes can also be used to explore and gather deep insights into the self, specific issues, relationships or dreams.

Inner Parts & Voice Dialogue Work

Inner parts work, also known as Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is a therapeutic approach that acknowledges that we all have different aspects of our selves (inner parts), some more prominent and familiar to us than others. When we ‘split off’ from or disown some aspects of ourselves (perhaps through trauma, shame, guilt or non-acceptance of those parts by our family of origin) we become imbalanced – those disowned, repressed or split off parts will begin to call more and more loudly for our attention and acknowledgment. This might take the form of physiological or psychological symptoms, or a general sense of chaos or imbalance in our lives and relationships. Only when we become conscious of our inner parts and begin to accept and re-integrate those parts of us that carry our wounding and trauma, can we achieve a sense of internal harmony, balance and wholeness.

Life Coaching & Mentoring

In the spirit of self-discovery, my ‘Stepping Stones’ approach to counselling and mentoring will help you to identify your strengths, passions and purpose as well as any blocks and self-defeating patterns that might be coming between you and the changes you’re wanting to bring about in your life. I will support you to understand and shift personal blocks and limiting beliefs with compassion and accountability as you set and work towards meaningful life goals and behaviour change.

Art & Creative Therapy

I draw on creative, colour and art therapy practices to support emotional processing, integration and release, as well as for facilitating self-discovery and accessing the powerful emotional, intuitive and cognitive insights that arise from somatic mindfulness, active imagination and other depth processes. I work with a range of creative techniques including colour therapy, symbol and archetype work, expressive therapy and personal myth and ritual work.

Dream Work

Using Jungian and depth approaches to help you harvest the rich insights, wisdom and communications from your unconscious offered to you through your dreaming world.

Ask me how I can support you to achieve your goals.

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Book an initial session with me or pre-purchase a package of 8 sessions at a discount. Once you've purchased your session package, simply book in your pre-paid sessions as you normally do.
  • Initial Session
  • $ 115
    75 mins
  • Includes voucher for a 15 min seated massage at Knead

    (Valued at $22.00)

    • Initial therapy session
    • Share your story at your own pace
    • Safe & empathetic environment
    • Shape goals for your journey
    • Begin pathway to reconnection
  • 8 x standard sessions
  • $ 712
    8 x 60 mins
  • Had an initial session? You can purchase 8 x 60min sessions at a discount. 

    • Face-to-face or Zoom
    • Talk-based + holistic
    • Mental health issues
    • Life goals & change
    • Empowering insights
    • Discover new possibilities
  • 8 x Longer Sessions
  • $ 862
    8 x 75 mins
  • Had an initial session? You can purchase 8 x 75min sessions at a discount. 

    • Face-to-face or Zoom
    • Depth work, holistic + art therapy
    • Tailored processes
    • Understand & shift patterns
    • Identify purpose & goals
    • Personal transformation & healing

Journeys & other offerings...

Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy
6 Week Self-Discovery Journey
Take a journey inwards to discover your authenticity, step in to your wholeness and begin to move towards your bliss in this deeply supported personal journey. Take the journey over 6-14 weeks.
Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy
Dream Interpretation
Tap in to the wisdom & guidance of your subconscious with a detailed dream interpretation including prompts and suggestions for immersive dream work to deepen your dream insights.
Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy
Messenger & Email Support
Many clients express the need for touching base between sessions so I also offer Messenger chat or email support in a 2 hour package so you can reach out for 10, 15 minute or longer sessions when you need them most.

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