Week by Week


Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy
The Journey Inwards

Week 1 will be a face-to-face session (75 minutes) Your journey will begin prior to week 1 with a Life Mandala journaling process and a pre-journey worksheet to help you cultivate the 'inward curiosity' necessary for our self-discovery journey. In our session we begin the journey inwards to meet and sense into the 'one that knows'...

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– the wisest and most authentic aspect of ourselves that is our most loyal ally and beacon on our journey. We’ll begin to notice and identify any resistance to connecting with our ‘self’ too and sense into how the self we show to others and the world might be similar to or different from our inner self. This session will include holistic talk-therapy, guided visualisation & mindfulness + somatic or art therapy processes.


Holistic Counselling, Coaching & Somatic Therapy
Archetypes & Inner Selves

Week 2 will be a Zoom video session (75 minutes). This week we'll explore archetypes, identities and aspects of ourselves. We all play a myriad of different roles in life - mother, son, teacher, lover, caretaker, femme fatale - what's more, we each have a cast of inner characters or aspects of our selves too. Most of us are familiar with our inner-critic!

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– we’ll begin to identify these and especially those we may be less comfortable with (e.g due to shame, guilt or rejection by families of origin). You’ll bring your insights and mapping to this session from your Archetypes process homework and together we’ll gently work with those inner parts or archetypes you’d like to know better as well as those you’d most like to draw out in your life from being in the wings to centre stage. This session will include holistic talk-therapy, embodiment processes and voice dialogue work.


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…what is your inner child yearning for more of and how do they relate to other inner archetypes or aspects of yourself? Where might there be resistance to authenticity & joy? Is it coming from inside, outside, or both? Who are your inner ‘fun-police’ or your ‘inner rebels’ that may be holding you back from embracing your authenticity, following your bliss or from achieving a healthy balance between your inner child and responsible adult. This session will involve holistic talk-therapy, guided visualisation and/or voice dialogue work plus coaching challenges.


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By week 4, I will have completed your dream interpretation, (provided you’ve supplied me with a dream description in time!) You might choose to take a deeper dive into this or another dream. Together we’ll do a depth-work and active imagination process to help you gain invaluable insights and embodied ‘knowledge’ about your life theme, limiting belief or dream as a powerful resource or gift to bring back from the deep to your conscious realm.


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– living with a renewed sense of authenticity, purpose and self-love. It’s time to bring together the rich insights and powerful personal resources you’ve discovered to map out some stepping stones for living into the change you want to bring about in your life. These stepping stones will be practical/actionable steps you can take now across key areas of your life. Over the next week you’ll begin to take action and ‘fake it ’til you make it’…what might it look and feel like to live with authenticity and purpose now? What would you do, say or think differently? Can you start doing those things now even if it feels a little scary, premature or strange? This is the leap of faith we all need to take to enact and embody personal transformation in our lives. Your home work for next week will be to record a video letter/message from a ‘future you’.


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How does she/he move, talk, hold her or himself? You might choose to share it with a loved one or more broadly as a way of sharing yourself and your commitments with your community. Or, it can be just for you. In this session we’ll unpack your ‘dress – rehearsal week’…how did it go? How did you feel? Where was the most resistance or ease? We’ll do some final process work with those areas or inner parts that may present the greatest challenge or resistance, identify strategies to compassionately work with that resistance and refine your stepping stones where it feels helpful to. Finally, we’ll take the chance to visit your wisest and most loyal ally, your inner wild woman and tap into her wisdom, guidance and blessings for your journey forward.


Is this journey right for me?

This journey is perfect for anyone looking to better understand and connect with their authenticity & purpose, or who may be feeling stuck, confused or lacking in joy or vitality. This journey won't be suitable if you are looking to work on significant trauma or PTSD, experiencing psychosis or significant dissociation, high levels of distress or very recent grief or loss. Please contact me if you have any concerns whatsoever about whether this journey is right for you, or whether counselling support might be more suitable.

Your journey includes

3 x 75 minute face-to-face therapy sessions

3 x 75 minute Zoom Online Therapy Sessions

Personally tailored processes & depth work

7 creative + holistic deep personal journey exercises & processes

Deeply supported journey with access to messenger chat + Q&A with me throughout

Your own Dreamers Journal (RRP $29.95)

Personal Dream Interpretation (Valued at $79)

Calling in Your Dreams - Tips for Dream Recall Guide

$50 Discount on any future journeys

An additional 5% discount on 8 Session Therapy Packages

Tools & processes that you can take with you and use into the future

To take this journey, you'll need...


A longing to reconnect

You'll need a heart-felt longing to journey homewards - to reconnect with your fullest & most authentic self with a spirit of openness, curiosity & self-compassion.


Willingness to take a deep dive

You'll need a willingness & capacity to go deep, to meet your edge and allow yourself to feel challenged, always within a supported compassionate, patient & self-nurturing framework.


Commitment to your journey

You'll need a commitment to 'showing up' - not only to your scheduled one on one sessions but to fully engage with in-between session processes & challenges. You'll need at least 2-3 hours between sessions as well as an intention to cultivate presence & self-awareness throughout your journey.

Still not sure whether this journey is right for you?

Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy

Only 3 Journey places available!

Limited places available to ensure journeyers can access session bookings.


The only guided journal of its kind, Dreamer’s Journal is a vibrant, visual exploration of dream symbols that offers the resources to record and interpret your dreams.This unique, hard cloth-cover journal & guide, beautifully designed and illustrated by Caitlin Keegan is included in the 6 Week Self-Discovery journey. Work with your dreams and uncover their wisdom and guidance as you journey inwards.


Also included in your journey...

Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy
Bespoke processes (Valued at $119)
Thoughtfully designed art therapy, depth, & personal discovery processes specifically created for this journey will give you the tools you need to deepen your insights and unfolding in-between our sessions.
Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy
Dream Interpretation (Valued at $79.95)
Also included in your self discovery journey is a detailed dream interpretation with prompts and suggestions for immersive dream work to deepen your experience of your dream's intelligence and guidance.
Holistic counselling brisbane, life coaching, art therapy
Chat support throughout (Valued at $300+)
Your self discovery journey will be deeply supported with access to Q&A and discussion with me via messenger chat or email in between sessions.